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Securing and Liberating the User

We are a start-up developing products that harness the power of self-organizing systems and network effects to extend superior cyber security beyond traditional enterprise networks, protecting Bring-Your-Own-Device environments and the emerging Internet-of-Things.

Other providers promise security for devices and networks but only provide delayed warnings while jeopardizing performance. They typically load heavyweight agents onto devices that upload data into vulnerable central repositories where it is only later analyzed, or they severely restrict what users can do on their devices.

We overcome these limitations and provide early prioritized warnings to administrators while liberating device users from annoying constraints. We deploy adaptive swarms of lightweight software entities into large-scale networks, where they collectively and continuously search for abnormal device behavior, while adjusting rapidly to changing network topologies, cyber threat environments, and usage patterns. 

Who We Are

Our team is comprised of leading artificial intelligence, cyber security, and commercialization experts. Collectively, our business team has built and sold six companies to major multi-billion dollar corporations and taken a company public on the NASDAQ. Our technology team has developed the underlying artificial intelligence technology over 15 years and applied it to problems ranging from optimizing manufacturing processes to predicting IED placement to modeling and predicting urban war fighter behavior.

Executive Team:

Dr. Kent Murphy, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Sven Brueckner, Chief Technology Officer
Ravi Gupta, Chief Strategist
S. Hugh Brooks, President


We are completing development of our first product, which will detect abnormal and malicious behavior in smartphones, tablets, and the wireless networks to which they connect. We recently completed the Spring 2014 class of MACH37™, the new cyber security accelerator.

More information will be available on our website relaunch in mid-August 2014. Meanwhile, please Contact us for media requests or if you are interested in learning more, partnering with us, investing in us, or testing our prototype on your network.